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originally posted: July 21, 2017 on my FB page
Freddie Mercury, In my defence

Wow :) Freddie Mercury, In my defence

recorded in 1985...
it is a song of an unrepentant sinner, knowing deep inside,
that he is not right with the Lord.
One can see that from its melody and the lyrics...
If he repented before dying - he might be in heavens...
and his followers? Many of them in hell, together with many self-righteous, so called "Christians"...

In my defence what is there to say
All the mistakes we made must be faced today
[mistakes? sins actually]
It's not easy now knowing where to start
While the world we love tears itself apart
I'm just a singer with a song
[I'm just a sinner with a song]
How can I try to right the wrong
[you can't, I can't, Jesus can]
For just a singer with a melody
I'm caught in between
With a fading dream
[yes, no matter what we achieve, everything will pass, fade away everything but the love of God...]

In my defence what is there to say
We destroy the love - it's our way
[so true, it makes me cry...]
We never listen enough never face the truth
[that's true too - if we would listen to the truth, we would sooner or later come to the Bible]
Then like a passing song
Love is here and then it's gone
[God is calling us... giving us warnings of love... we do not want to hear and there one day, it will be to late]

Oh what on earth
Oh what on earth
How do I try
Do we live or die
[according to the Bible, one could conclude, we are living dead... we live but not really, not without true God. Gods of sexuality, fame, money, madness... leave us dead, empty]

Oh help me God
Please help me
[the melody and lyrics too were not showing that this was honest prayer. Neither was there any change in Freddie's life... but if he prayed a similar prayer before death... in honesty... if... I do not know. I am not a judge, God is.]

He also sang: I'm a great pretender
and P. Elvis sang: I'm evil...

We know, we know what we are and what we deserve - but do we want to be right with the Lord of truth, love, life?

In my defence, what is there to say? Nothing...
Help me, God...