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originally posted: July 23, 2017 on my FB page
Mirin Dajo

Mirin Dajo - the indestructible prophet

Arnold Gerrit Henskes called himself Mirin Dajo, a wonder (Esperanto mirindajo). During his earlier years, he had had all sorts of dreams and "paranormal" experiences... At the age of 33 (Jesus died at the age of 33!), he realized, that his body is invulnerable. His body was pierced with dagger-like objects, even a sword. He also swallowed glass and razor blades. According to him (Wiki) he tested his invulnerability also with burning irons, boiling water and having been shot through the head from half a yard distance on two occasions.

He was called (according to some) even the second Messiah, the second Jesus.

He had several guardian angels, which did protect him. He performed those acts for free, believing that God is using him to tell the people to abandon their materialistic world view, which results in misery and war and to accept the higher force, the Source, which is attainable to all of us (according to him).

He was examined by medical doctors and they could not explain - that there was almost no blood, no damage to his body, when his body was pierced even through - I would say according to some pictures - lungs. Medical doctors x-rayed him and his body was really pierced through and through.

Some materialists wanted to explain his feats with his high resistance to pain and incredible healing powers... which surpasses even yogis, from whom they believed, he gained the knowledge. They try to explain his feats with fistulas, scar tissues, tunnels. It is as if he would stab himself with a pointed rod a little bit, waited that the tissue would become a scar and stab himself even deeper... until the rod would not get through. It is like ear piercing only through stomach and vital organs. This does not explain, how he was pierced through his lungs and that the medical doctors have not seen those fistulas... And above all - he hurt himself for what? Just to show himself to people and get no money from it? He only wanted to spread the message of his "angels", god.

His message brings people away from the Bible... tells them, that they are powerful... and therefore the forces behind him were demonic.

At the end of his life, his spirits I guess tested him - they tell you, what to do and when... you are just a puppet... who must never doubt them... and he swallow a steel needle, which was to be surgically removed two days later. He died about 10 days after his surgery. When he was not of a use of his "angels guardians", they told him to eat the needle and then they lefted him, abandoned him.

Bible warns us about false prophets and false Christs but people of today, trust not the Bible, they prefer to believe wonders of science and spirits... telling them, they are invulnerable... gods... smart... that they know better then the Bible...

When I see those things happening, and some of "paranormal" things I experienced myself too (I am ashamed) - even my grand-grandfather was communicating with the dead and was "healing" people and manipulating them (for "good" - like a white witch). Catholic priest gave him a black book (not the Bible) and in there, there were "prayers" to dead "saints", Roman gods... It is a family secret but his daughter told me those things... When I see those things happening - I wonder - how much greater power the real God has? I trust the Bible... Since those spirits do not see, what everything is in there... And in there it is everything, what we need to know about life and God, so that we could come to the real God. And by everything, I mean - everything!