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originally posted: July 25, 2017 on my FB page
You cannot do anything?

When people are helpless, they still can do one thing: bite you :) I am amazed every time, they bite me :) Wow :)

There was a story, a few days ago, of a guy, who tried to save a serpent out of the fire. Some friend liked that story... Anyway. It bit him the first time and it fell back into the fire, the second time and it fell back and the third time, he used a stick and the serpent was saved... "Why did you bother? Why didn't you leave it in the fire, after it bit you," was the question...

I have forgotten what exactly was the answer. As far as I an remember: animals, blah, blah, blah... We have to be nice to the animals, but it is ok, to kill them with plastic and gasoline and nanotechnology and mercury and electricity... There is no honesty in people... A standard story of a "good" person and a person, who wants to be "good".

Anyway... When one tries to save human beings from the hellfire... They cannot do anything. Nothing, nada, rien, zero, null, nichts, nič, ništa... Oh, we cannot do that, we cannot do this, we cannot do... but one thing they all can do... They bite you... Everyone... And it takes a lot of time to show them, that you do not want to harm them, that you want them to live... So I have written books, made videos... Which could direct them to the real Saviour, Jesus Christ, about whom they know practically nothing. Bible is Schmible for them... as long as they are on a highway to hell... as AC/DC are singing... uuu
ACID, see drug, LSD, trip used to connect one with a deceiving spiritual world... the other meaning is a tranformer from AC into DC current. AC/D, see: I see a trip, we are on a highway to hell... whoever desires, can see the way to the heaven. For free - he doesn't need to buy even a ticket, as it is the case if one wants to go to the AC/DC concert.