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originally posted: July 27, 2017 on my FB wall

A quote from their site:
"Your Unbiased Source on Nutrition and Supplements
Independent, unbiased, and objective."

We are a society of liars and thieves and murderers. The field of nutrition and supplements is not an exception - it is a battle field, where many make money and "living" and many pay the price, even with their lives. Sellers and "experts" are telling us one thing, supporting their claims with "scientific" research... mostly without referencing any study! but even if they reference "research" and study, they usually manipulate data in many ways, just to trick you. And even studies can be bought - scientists need and desire money - you pay them and they "find" whatever you want to be found...

But this site I have found some time ago... It is not to be trusted 100% but it is more honest than sellers and "experts" - that is your husbands, wives, children, parents, friends...

We are a bunch of naive people (another word for evil) - hearing something from someone and believing it without checking data and without any understanding. If we like it, if we get money from it - we scream: it is the truth, it is the truth...

I examine data - yes, I realized, I am different :( - and I know the Bible is to be trusted 100%, and other data? Not so much.

Lies in our society are mind-blowing... they are expected and accepted...
and therefore:
anything, which exposes the biggest, the most common ones - I share, I dare :)