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originally posted: July 28, 2017 on my FB page
The last post? Farewell

Take care, I hope I see you (again) one day…
I’m leaving FB now… will check it from time to time…
Once a week or two weeks or even month would be ideal,
just to see if anyone thinks, he needs me.

My last post :) :) at least for some time, hopefully for the eternity…
I namely don’t like FB – it is dangerous, too powerful and I prefer the real life :)

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I know, what I know and I know, what I don’t know.

Many people tried to teach me things, which I know and they don’t know.
I understood science pretty well, I was a physicist – almost the majority of my colleagues are phDs… I wanted to be phD all my life but then I saw, it is not worth it. I dedicated my time and everything to explore other things, like alternative medicine and spirituality, Vedic knowledge. That was 5 years of intense homestudy (after work). And then I could see, what is in the Bible, which I regarded as very inferior book, and that was like: wow :) Pretty much everything if not everything, what matters, that a man can know about the world and God and the past and present and the future is in there.

I dedicated something like 30 000 hours of investigation… and when you see the truth, which is in the Bible – then you realize, that all the scientific knowledge, Vedic knowledge, channeled knowledge… is wrong, so to say, deceiving, promising you something but making fool out of you, a proud and maybe even materially wealthy fool.

Some people think, I am proud… They discover something… someone, who took a course during a weekend, taught him something and then they are amazed and happy, happy, happy…
Please don’t expect, that I will be enthusiastic about that. Pretty much all people are liars. I can spot a lie usually miles away. So, what should I say to you: “Oh, splendid, my dear… friend… This guy cheated you here and here and here. Wonderful… He took this and that from there and there and corrupted even that corrupted knowledge in such a way, that you like it… Yeeeea :) Good for you! It seems, that it works, but the trick is here and here and here. Hear, if you want to hear, my dear.” I cannot be happy about that. Don’t expect too much from me.

I would be happy if you would love the truth, that would be something. And the second best thing is, when I see you, that you are doing well at least materially (to some degree – material life and spiritual life are very much related one to each other and without the real spirituality you cannot live even the real material life). I am happy to see your eyes, that you are still alive… hear your voice, see your smile… But don’t explain to me, what you have discovered and don’t expect, I will be thrilled… I have dedicated like 30 000 hours of investigation of pretty much everything, what I desired to know and you have dedicated how much hours of sort of investigation? And I am proud, if I refuse to listen to you and to be thrilled? Or is it you, who is proud? Put things into perspective...

So, give me a break: I know, what I know and I know, what I don’t know. That’s a lot… There was a time, when I thought, that I know something but I didn’t know… In the world-view of science and witchcraft and Vedic knowledge, a man is blind… He thinks he knows something or even a lot… but pretty much everything, what he knows, is more or less wrong…

Many people don’t understand, that Jesus is the truth. They believe a lie in the name of truth. They lie… they think, that by lying one does a service to Jesus, to the truth… And others, they believe, they love the truth, but they cannot see, the truth in the Bible, in Jesus… There is something wrong with their relationship with the truth too.

The majority, what I know, one could get from some Baptists or Anabaptists, like Amish and later, from the Bible. That would be enough for the majority of people but there are many side ways… it would not hurt, if one would check things also at my site. Just don’t lie… if you don’t believe, if you have doubts, don’t say, that you believe and that you don’t have any doubts… search for the truth, as long as it can be found… Walk in a lie, and your soul will die. Walk in truth and your soul shall live.

That’s it… My life was perfect. I am so happy that I lived… It was tough. I needed much support, when I was living in a lie… but nowadays I practically don’t need any support from men or women.
Perfect – it was not such, as I planned to be – I would never planned it like that – but if it would follow my plan, it would be empty but now it is fulfilled, perfect.

I love all people, I know the truth, I have the understanding… my body is in spite of being weak (prone to diseases) still working fairly well… I am so happy and grateful to the Lord, that I can only cry :) :) :)

And even if I die in this second, I said goodbye to you – that was one of my wishes from my childhood...

All the best
and see you