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originally posted: September 4, 2017 on my FB wall
The Story of Love

It is a blessing to see, that someone did something better than I have :)
This is a video, which I find better than my videos. That is a very rare thing, otherwise I would not be making videos.
This video involves acting (pretending, distortion of the truth) and as such it cannot be 100% in agreement with the truth but still it is a way more in agreement with it than popular videos.

When I saw that child, he was similar to me. I liked watching people passing by, etc. I was also fishing... But when seeing the drug addict, whose life was changed... My life was changed in the same way 7 years ago... Just crying out of happiness. We are all drug addicts... but very few people's spirit is changed... I am trying to tell you but who hears?

God bless,
one among very few Christians in the world, me :)

many say, they are but there was no change in their lives as it was in the life of that drug addict... (an image of a sinner, enemy of the truth, love, life, wisdom, God)