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Psalm 148

When I have read this Psalm, I have said to myself - well, that is "saint" Francis Canticle of the Creatures or Canticle of the Sun or Laudes Creaturarum... Even on Wikipedia, they don't mention many similarities between them. But if you ask me, he took Psalm 148 and corrupted it. People don't like Psalm 148, but they praise his song... Very, very sad... So there was a pain in my heart, similarly as when I have heard U2 singing Psalm 40... What did they do with it? They had completely destroyed it... They have left out many verses, which speak about Jesus. They have done similar thing as Francis did.
And God heard my cry out from my heart and melody came to me - first for Psalm 40 and then for Psalm 148.

I'm not the judge, who would judge people, where they will spend their eternity. God is the judge. I know what I deserve - I deserve the same thing as "saint" Francis or U2 or you too. I deserve to go to hell, to perish forever... If I will be in heaven, it will be only because of his mercy. So I can judge myself and not others. But what I can judge, are works of mine and others. "Saint" Francis did many things, which were right with God, or let's say, which could be right with God and he did also many things, which were very great abomination to God. His followers don't follow things, which were right, but they follow only (mostly) things, which were not right. I guess you can do such abominable things only if you follow another god, which is the Devil. It could happen that "saint" Francis will be in hell - if he didn't repent on his death bed. I would be more than happy, if he will be in heaven... but... I don't know... I'm not the judge. God is the judge, thank God :) It is not an easy job, not easy at all.

Francis' song is "Praise of the Creatures". And people perceive this song - not as praise to the Lord, but more as praise to the Creatures, to the Universe, created things and beings. Francis praises God but at the same time, he praises Creatures. And Bible says something about such people - in Romans 1:25 something is said about people, who are not right with God. We read:
"Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshiped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen."

And another thing, which is against the word of God in Francis' song is, that he calls the death his little sister. But what does the Bible say? In 1 Corinthians 15:26 we read:
"The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death."
There are children of the world, of the Devil and children of God. And death is not a child of God. So, who is the father of people, who hold death for their sister? What is the logical conclusion?
Who is the father of death? From the Bible we find out, that the death came by man (1Co 15:21) and that the Devil is the murderer from the beginning (John 8:44). By Satan's deceit and by man came death into this world.
In Isaiah 28:15 God addresses people, who made a covenant with death, and who were in agreement with hell and those words are not nice... So, if you say, that death is your sister, I guess you have a covenant with her.
I cannot find the idea, that death is our sister, in the Bible, but I can find it in other religions.

And where did he get an idea to call earth mother? And not only that - he calls the earth sister mother... ("per sora nostra matre Terra") That is sick... Once again, I understand logic behind it - but that is the logic of the world and not of the Bible. It is not Christian.

So, what was wrong with Psalm 148? Nothing. Psalm 148 is pure, but Francis' song, which many people adore is not pure - it is basically corrupted Psalm 148 and because of that people with corrupted hearts and minds adore it and at the same time, they don't care for Psalm 148. They actually despise it, but mostly they don't want to admit it.

But turn to Christ Jesus, to the Word of God, to the Bible and He will make you right with God, the Father. Praise ye the Lord.