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Psalm 36

If you don't fear God, you will do many bad, evil things in your life. Some people do a lot of those things, some less, but we all do evil things, if we don't fear God. I am not an exception. And we have good and bad fear. If someone would want to kill you, I hope you would not mind, that he would be afraid of someone - police, God... And fear of God leads toward the Gospel, accepting the mercy, his mercy, which is the only thing, which can really change us. And healthy fear leads also to respect and respect leads toward love (love is not lust). It is more than possible to fear someone and to admire him and at the end love him. That is so, so possible :) People of today don't want to listen about the proof for the existence of God. It is so simple, but they don't want to hear about it. Why? Because they know, they are not living right. And because they don't want to fear anyone, especially not God. They have their own gods... they might call themselves even Christians - but that doesn't mean anything. People of today despise and hate even their own ones: wife, husband, parents, children, even friends and what to say about what they feel toward others. Some people can cover up their hatred, their evil in their heart better than others - in life of someone evil is revealed each day many times, in life of someone else his or her evil is revealed one time per week, per month... But still, there is evil in us and we cannot do anything about it - we cannot even hide it - but the Gospel of Christ can destroy the evil for good. Thank God :)

And as long we love evil and try to hide it, and try to justify it, we are on the highway to hell... And that is not a joke. Please, make a U-turn - repent and accept love and life eternal.