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Psalm 54

The real God, not an imaginary one, can save us from evil. He can give us new heart, loving one, new mind... He can save us from the second death. Everyone dies - our bodies will die sooner or later but what will happen to our soul... Will our soul perish or not - that is the question. What will happen after our bodies will stop functioning? Now, people imagine many things, there are many opinions - same say we have soul, some say we don't have it and so on - but who cares for opinions! We can know, what will happen - and only thanks to His Word, the Bible, which testifies about those things and since people cannot refute the Bible, they ignore it and say it is full of mistakes and corrupted. You are not the only one, who thinks Bible is corrupted - I thought that too. But look at your life - do you love even those who hate you? If you don't - then your heart is still corrupted. It is you, who is corrupted - your heart and your mind are corrupted and because of that you cannot see glory of His Word, you cannot see, how right his Word is. Of course - that makes sense. You don't see right, because you are corrupted. Whatever is right, you perceive that as wrong and whatever is wrong, you claim it is right. But he can open your eyes. He has opened mine. And then you start to love and appreciate life, life of every human being. And every means every :) Start to listen about the Bible from someone, who knows, what is in there and you will be surprised :) The truth will set you free from the bondage of sin, evil, hatred, death and Jesus Christ said, that he is the truth, the way and the life :) He can save us :) I will praise Him :)