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Psalm 67

How beautiful was the day, when I have for the first time feared God! That was the nicest day of my life! :) Before, I have despised God. I didn't want to fear Him, nor did I understand, what his fear is all about. That was a stupidity to me. And I have built in my mind an imaginary image of false god. But He was so merciful to me, his enemy and sinner and evildoer... and since he showed me his mercy, his grace lives in me now. His fear is the beginning of knowledge, wisdom indeed. He had blessed me with so many things... and I deserve none of them... His fear leads toward respect and toward love and eternal life... And I can only cry out of happiness for such blessings and mercy, which He gave me and is giving me. And no matter what I will do in my life - when my heart will stop beating, I (hopefully) will cry to Him: God, be merciful to me... His fear is so glorious! It leads us toward love. The greater the love is in us, the less fear is in us - but love starts with fear, His fear - unloving people don't understand that. They are afraid of practically everything, but they refuse to fear Him. Sadly, because if they would fear Him, all their fears would disappear for ever. I can cry now for such people in whose hearts there is no fear of God. Because of that, there is also no wisdom nor love in them... They go here and there, proclaiming that there is love and mercy and wisdom everywhere, but their hearts are dark, as mine was too. Yea, we live in a dark world, if we don't want to accept his light. God, be merciful to them, put your fear in their evil hearts and let your mercy and love change them. Blessed be all yours for ever!