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Psalm 87

God is not a joke. I sing psalms and in doing so I worship God (I hope, at least with my ... lips), and I'm also comforted by them and I get tremendous joy. I share that with everyone, that people will start to sing them and even to make their own tunes. I try not to add nor to subtract nor to change anything, if that is possible. Sometimes it isn't possible for me and then I do such a thing. But nevertheless, I try not to change the meaning, as far my understanding goes. Sometimes I add refrains, but in doing that one could easily corrupt the whole thing. That is an addition. One should refrain oneself from doing too much refrains. I hope God will be merciful toward me, a sinner.

But if I would do music for people, for their enjoyment, if I would sell music, which is meant to glorify God, if I would glorify myself with his music, if I would change lyrics and change meaning of it... if I would sing lyrics out from translations, which were translated after the year 1850... in such a case I would not dare to ask God to be merciful toward me. And I would do such things, if I would not be a Christian, because God would be a joke for me, as he was for the sons of Korah, who wanted to worship God in their own way. They wanted to be important (Numeri 16). And as it was in Babylon, where God's vessels were used for sense gratifications of men and women. The things, which are meant for God, we should never ever use for ourselves.

Know that God is real and he is not a joke. If you are doing such a thing, I hope, you will stop doing it and repent. I cannot force you, nor I would do that, because we have free will. But I hope, that you will turn to God and ask for forgiveness. We were all sons of Korah, but there was also another Korah, who also had sons and those were walking in the right path, the right way, his way and not their own one.

There is still time for us to change our ways. Let God be merciful to us and let God bless you all. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.