Vaš brskalnik ima onemogočen java script, zato kazalo internetne strani ne deluje pravilno. Vključite java script.
originally posted: August 17, 2016 on my FB wall
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I have seen this post on Brian Kelly's timeline. He shared it. And one of comments was: "its pretty simple...people make it harder then what it truly is!"
I agree... :)
the complete story you find at:

Jack T. Chick - the guy is alive :) he was born in 1924... I have just quickly read his biography at, nice. He was a hater of Christ for the first N years :) He too :)
And on Wikipedia I've found this nice description: "Many of Chick's views are controversial, as they accuse Roman Catholics, Freemasons, Muslims, Jews, and many other groups of murder and conspiracies, while Chick maintains his views are simply politically incorrect."