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originally posted: September 20, 2015 on my FB wall
FB: How to lead people, who refuse to think and to feel, into war

How to lead people, who refuse to think and to feel, into war?

Very easy.

One burns Reichstag (as Hitler did) and blames others. One drives almost entire fleet in one harbour and leaves the entire fleet without any guards and then enemy comes - from 1000 miles away and attacks... (Pearl Harbour). You blame North Vietnam to attack with ridiculously small boat your fleet and people were prepared to fight in Vietnam. One destroys twin towers in USA, launch a rocket into Pentagon, crush an air-plane in the woods (as USA did) and people demand war, killings. OR YOU (SECRET INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES) make a propaganda, start a rumours how beautiful it is in Germany. You destroy Libya, which prevented people to come to Europe... You destroy Afghanistan, Iraq... That was so many times documented and told to people - but they refuse to understand. Why? Because they are selfish, without love, without real Christ Jesus. Couple of thousands of "refugees" comes, make some troubles and people demand, that USA, NATO, European army invade Syria and make "peace" there, so that "refugees" could return there.

Germany, as a state, with a great power, was therefore a suitable target. There is no way, people in Europe would agree to attack another country - but now... or in the near future... they might be prepared... I am not saying, that this will happen. I am saying, that it could happen. Why? To make a circle around the Israel... It could be, that the final attack of USA, Russia, NATO, Muslim countries on Israel is at the doors... People of Israel will face the complete annihilation, genocide, "final" "solution"... And then - whatever people will be left there - will be saved by God himself. Am I the only one, who sees that from the Bible? I know, that leading Satanists, they see those things too - but they are nevertheless hopping to be victorious. Well, they won't be.

Oh, my God... Are we really already there?

And on the other hand... If wars will go on in Europe - that is what we deserve. How many of my friends were cheated by their own countrymen and women... All these evil accumulated itself and it will be destroyed by itself. Only the Gospel of Jesus Christ can make the difference... But who is willing to accept it? Blessed is he or she.

Oh, my God, do I hate works of darkness. I don't want to have anything with those works. I don't want to go against you, God, who are truth, and love and life... I don't want to go against you never ever again...

And I can bless everyone - even Satanists or "refugees" or war hungry Europeans or even people, who cheated me or my dearly beloved friends. Why? Because in the Gospel of Jesus Christ there is a God's power, which can overcome the world, the sinful world.